enterprise culture



Business philosophy: innovation, honesty, high efficiency and pursuit of excellence


Business Policy: Provide users with more perfect professional services and employees with broader development space


Marketing policy: adapt to the market, develop the market, lead the market, control the market, people have no I have, people have I excellent, people have I new, people new I turn


Service tenet: I will do everything and do everything for you.


enterprise belief



Jingou Management carefully manages every day, relying on first-class technology, first-class equipment and advanced management to create first-class quality products. Jingou products are positioned at the middle and high end, and always adhere to the international advanced standards to guide production. The quality of the products is always keeping pace with the international advanced level.

  • 久游——不仅是一个企业、一个产品、一个品牌,还是值得我们共同探索的文化,更是我们共同追求和为之 奋斗的一项事业
  • Jingou ——is not only an enterprise, a product and a brand, but also a culture worthy of our common exploration and a cause we pursue and strive for together.
  • 久游——带着我们青春的活力,载着我们共同的希翼和期盼,这里积聚着我们的光荣和梦想,见证着我们的智慧和胆魄。
  • Jingou——with the vitality of our youth and our common hopes and expectations, our glory and dreams accumulate here and witness our wisdom and boldness.
  • 久游——记录我们成长的轨迹,记录我们青春的风采。我们共同学习、共同参与、共同创造、共同成功。
  • jingou——Record the track of our growth and the elegant demeanour of our youth. We learn, participate, create and succeed together.
  • 久游——是一种力量。这种力量会让我们新潮澎湃、这种力量会让我们热血沸腾、这种力量会驱使我们不断寻求进步,实现梦想。这种力量来自于您,来自于我,来自我们中的每一个人。
  • Jingou——is a kind of power. This kind of power will make us trendy, this kind of power will make us excited, this kind of power will drive us to continuously seek progress and realize our dreams. This power comes from you, from me and from every one of us.


The company's tenet: people-oriented, honest service, innovation and progress, return to society


Business tenet: credit standing first, quality first, sincere cooperation and joint development


Enterprise tenet: quality is the life of an enterprise, quality is the key to its success, creating Chinese famous brands and producing world-class products.


Enterprise style: economy stresses efficiency, management stresses system, work stresses principle and work stresses efficiency


Enterprise Ethics: Honesty and Faithfulness


Team concept



Goals in the same direction, load ahead, tacit understanding and trust, risk sharing


The company advocates the team spirit of geese. Creating the most competitive top-quality enterprise is the common goal of Jingou people. In the process of achieving this goal, everyone should be loyal to his team, shoulder heavy burdens bravely, exert his potential, work hard, strive to be a leader in the team, and cooperate with each other in a tacit and trusting manner. Willing to dedicate, making concerted efforts, fighting the wind and the waves in the fierce market competition, tackling difficulties and finally realizing their own life value while realizing the strategic goals of enterprise development.


Innovative concept


持续创新 宽容失败

Continuous Innovation Tolerates Failure


Continuous innovation is the source and motive force for the survival and development of an enterprise. To create the most competitive quality enterprise, it is necessary to create a strong atmosphere of innovation and always support employees' innovation. It is necessary to innovate in technology, management, system and environment. It is necessary to understand, tolerate and encourage the failures in innovation work and make innovation a quality, a spirit and a fashion.


Talent concept


人适其位 位适其人

Only when people adapt to the post can the post be suitable.


As long as they are willing and able to work hard and contribute actively for the enterprise, they are the talents that the enterprise needs. In the use of talents, priority should be given to the knowledge, skills and post needs of personnel, so as to achieve the best combination of the two and give full play to the expertise and abilities of each employee.


the quality concept


高标准 精细化 零缺陷

stringent specification   refinement   zero defect


High standard, refinement, zero defect,It is the basic requirement of an enterprise to its employees and also the basic working attitude of employees. High standards are the prerequisite, refinement is the basic requirement, and zero defects are the ultimate goal. The three are closely linked and cannot be separated.


Marketing concept



Creating Value for Users and Winning Friends for Enterprises


In the 21st century, marketing, creating value for users is no longer a simple connotation of buying and selling, but to strive to create value for users that are not available or not available in other suppliers, so that they can become repeat customers of enterprises and eventually become friends of enterprises.


Safety concept



Life is priceless, safety is heaven.


Life is only once for everyone. We should respect and cherish life. Safety first, prevention first, safety is the essential need and inevitable requirement of production. Only when the life safety of employees is effectively guaranteed and the normal operation of equipment is guaranteed can enterprises develop continuously, healthily and harmoniously.


Staff motto



Creating famous brands is a step by step and every day is the starting point.


High-quality service, listening to thunder outside the minute.


Only with the success of customers can we succeed.


The success of an enterprise depends on the success of its employees.


Harmony of human-computer relations, militarization of organizational discipline, institutionalization of learning and work, and modernization of electronic commerce.


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